Varied natural scenery

Bulgaria is famous for its natural parks and reserves. The calm woodlands of the Vitosha mountains near Sofia and the majestic grandeur of the Seven Rila Lakes, the sunny beaches of Golden Sands and the mysterious rocks of the Shumen Plateau – hundreds of spectacular natural locations are situated on a relatively small area of the country where no film logistics will take more than a 5-hour drive from one location to another.

Urban architecture

Bulgaria can offer not only the wild beauty of the Balkan nature but also the quiet charm of East- European towns.

Our villages can give a unique touch of authenticity to your production and Bulgarian capital city Sofia will offer a wide range of locations from classical 19th century buildings to modern business centres, from cozy cafes to urban ex-socialist factories and hangars.

Four distinct seasons

Bulgaria has four distinct seasons: cold and snowy winter, early spring with blossoming apple trees, warm and sunny summer and mild mellow autumn. In our continental climate the same location may look very different depending on the season, offering filmmakers a variety of visual choices. 

Bulgaria also offers plenty of season-specific locations such as winter ski-resorts and ice-skating rinks and summer beach hotels along the coast of the Black Sea.

Low operating costs

Bulgaria is an emerging economy where costs are significantly lower than in Central European countries. It means that not only the cost of filming but the cost of your whole crew staying in Bulgaria and travelling around the country will, in the end, be lower than what you would spend in many other countries.

Add to this refundable VAT on all the money you spend inside the country and Bulgaria will definitely seem a very attractive choice.

Easy access

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, which means that if you come from an EU country you do not need to a get a visa.

In case you or your crew members are not EU citizens, getting a tourist visa to Bulgaria is easy and usually does not take more than a week.