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Key information you need to know about filming in Bulgaria

VAT in Bulgaria is 20% and is fully refundable for foreign filmmakers. Film Fixers Bulgaria will offer you a full support in reclaiming VAT from all your expenses in the country.

The official currency is Bulgarian lev. The country has not joined the single European currency but most big shops and restaurants in Sofia accept euros. You can also easily pay with a credit card in almost any big shop or restaurant in Bulgaria.

No, as Bulgarian equipment rental companies can provide you with the latest camera modules, lighting equipment, grips and other high quality gear. 

Bulgaria is becoming a popular destination for filmmakers all over the world. Recently it hosted the production of such popular films and TV series as 300:Rise of an Empire (2014), Conan the Barbarian (2011), The Expendables 2 (2012) and The Expendables 3 (2014) , Hitman (2007), War, Inc. (2008),The Black Dahlia (2006), Rome (2005 TV Series).

“Bulgaria is the place” promotional video made by Bulgarian studio Nu Boyana.

Bulgaria offers amazing outdoor tourist activities – skiing, mountain cycling and water sports as well as nontrivial shopping and restaurants with traditional Bulgarian, European and Oriental cuisine. There are a lot of museums, art galleries and theatres for art-lovers and very active night life with bars and night clubs opened until early in the morning for those who love to party. 

Bulgaria is located in the heart of Eastern Europe so if you have a couple of days to spare you can catch a plane or a train or rent a car and find yourself in another European capital in just a few hours. You can also cross the Southern border of Bulgaria and spend a weekend in Turkey.