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Who we are and what we believe in

Here at Film Fixers Bulgaria we believe that nothing is impossible to fix!

Need to find the perfect location in Bulgaria for a feature film? To get the most knowledgeable fixer for a documentary TV series episode? To provide a full-package equipment rent in Bulgaria for a commercial? We’ve got it!

Every fixer that will work with you here in Bulgaria speaks fluent English, has a wide experience of working on various international productions of the world’s biggest TV channels and believes that the key to his/her job as a fixer is to always be on time, be ready to react quickly to the changing needs of the production and to make sure that every client has the most productive and fun experience of filming in Bulgaria!

Our team

Trayan Velev

Executive producer, co-founder


Trayan is an independent filmmaker who graduated MA Directing Digital Film and TV course from Bournemouth University and BA Drama and Film Studies course from Kingston University London.

In the recent years he has directed three theatre plays, seven short films and several commercial music videos.  Trayan is also one of the funding members and a director of the International Youth Film Festival “The Birdies” (London). In 2014 Trayan founded “Film Fixers Bulgaria” and is currently working as an executive producer for the company.

Maria Malukhina

Executive producer, co-founder


Maria is an independent scriptwriter and film director who graduated MA Directing Digital Film and TV course from Bournemouth University and MA Scriptwriting course from the University of South Wales.

Maria has directed 5 short films and written several short and feature scripts. She has also worked as an assistant director for a few contemporary music videos. In 2014 together with Trayan Velev Maria founded Film Fixers Bulgaria and is working as an executive producer for the company.

Jennifer Kergourlay

Producer at Film Fixers Bulgaria London branch


Born and raised in the south of France, Jennifer is an independent film producer who has worked on several short-films over the past few years.

She graduated from Bournemouth University with an MA in Producing Film and Television and is now based in London where she works for Film Fixers Bulgaria but also as a freelance producer.

Jennifer brings creativity, drive and professionalism to all projects she works on.

Hauke Sterner

Producer at Film Fixers Bulgaria Germany branch


 Hauke Sterner is a Freelance Video Editor currently based in Kiel, Germany.

Prior to his time in the media industry he earned a Diploma in IT & Economics in Germany. But driven by his passion for moving pictures he decided to study Multimedia Production and got Master’s degree in Post Production Editing in Bournemouth, UK.

Hauke is one of the key post-production partners of Film Fixers Bulgaria and in addition to that he works as the company’s producer and representative in Germany.

Mark Slater

Producer at Film Fixers Bulgaria Los Angeles branch


As a professional in the film industry, Mark has assumed roles in production and post-production across Europe, USA and Asia. His diverse experience goes from Engineering and Law to Non-Profit project management.   As a film composer, he has collaborated on several large budget productions, conducting and recording with world-class orchestras, like the London Symphony Orchestra.

 At the present time, Mark is engaged as a key-developer in several innovative “for-profit” projects with strategic goals to improve the planet economically and environmentally.

Mark is the key partner of Film Fixers Bulgaria in Music composition for films and also the company’s producer and representative in Los Angeles.

Stoyan Galabov

Location scout in Bulgaria


Stoyan Galabov is an inspired and energetic professional location scout and researcher with years of experience in the field.

Stoyan has worked on several international feature productions in Bulgaria and has a great database of locations all over the country.

He is very attentive to detail and is able to get the most challenging locations tailored to the creative needs of the client.


Velko Georgievski

Producer at Film Fixers Bulgaria Sweden branch


As a professional independent producer, Velko is an amazing freelance asset to our team being Film Fixers Bulgaria’s and Film Fixers Balkans’ branch manger in the Scandinavian countries.
Velko used to live in London for many years but is now based in his home country of Sweden. He has several years of experience in running film-related events and organisations both in the UK and in Scandinavia. His in-depth understanding of project management and event organisation makes him meticulous and attentive to the tiniest detail .
Velko is a driving force in collaboration with the Scandinavian/Nordic film market,. he is hardworking and responsible and brings plenty of positive energy to the work environment he is in.