Here are a few tips from Film Fixers Bulgaria on how to make you shooting in the snow an unforgettable and productive experience!

 • Dress properly!

It is essential to be prepared for a long shooting day outside – a winter hat, waterproof snow boots and fingerless gloves will help you get through the day feeling warm and comfortable. And do not forget that in order to film on a bright shiny day in the snow you will need dark sunglasses!

 • Check the weather forecast!

Be sure that you know what the weather conditions will be on the day of shooting – you may get some amazing shots during a snowfall but it is essential to have a rainsleeve or a DIY way to protect your camera from the water.

 • Pay attention to the time of the day!

There are many amazing ways to bring variety in the snowy shots you can get – the golden hour (during dawn or dusk hours) will make the tone of snow warmer and more gentle, shooting early in the morning will help you get crispy clean snow without any footprints or dirt and shooting during the night with the help of artificial lights or natural moonlight will help you make the landscape look mysterious and fairytale-like.

 • Don’t ignore the safety!

It is easy to get carried away while shooting gorgeous wild snowy landscapes – but always make sure that you know exactly where you are, know your location well and always have the contacts of the local emergency services saved in your phone.

 Shooting your video material out there in the white and beautiful snow might become one of the finest filming moments in your career – make sure that you are fully prepared for it and ‪#‎FilmFixersBulgaria‬ will make sure that we provide the safest and most comfortable experience amidst the winter landscapes of Bulgaria.