The Rose Valley is a region in Bulgaria that is considered to be one of the biggest producers of rose oil in the world. The natural conditions of the region with its center in the town of Kazanlak  – high air humidity, cloudiness and rainfalls – make a unique environment for the roses to blossom and produce a lot of precious oil.

 According to the ancient legends first roses were brought to this area of Bulgaria by the soldiers of Alexander the Great who carried the seeds all the way from Persia. The industry of oil distillation developed through the Middle Ages and soon the Bulgarian rose oil was recognized around the world for its superb quality.

 The picking of the roses usually lasts from May to June each year. During this time the whole area is covered with beautiful flowers and an amazing scent of fresh roses is floating in the air. The gathering of the flowers is traditionally performed by women – it requires great concentration and skills. The roses are carefully cut one by one and laid in hand-made willow baskets that are later sent to the distillation factories.

 Filming at the Rose Valley in the picking season might bring a breathtakingly beautiful landscape into your film and “Film Fixers Bulgaria” will make sure that shooting amidst this flowery fairy tale will become an unforgettable experience for your crew and cast!