Every filmmaker knows that a good location is 50% of your film’s success! Here are a few tips from “Film Fixers Bulgaria” on how to scout for the perfect location for your film:

See it with your own eyes:

You can always do an online research but no photo will give you the idea of how the location looks. That is why do not hesitate and go for location scouting to make sure you are absolutely prepared for all the specific characteristics of the place you choose for your shooting.

Know your script well!

Before going for location scouting make sure that you know your script really well. Pay attention to the little descriptive details in the scriptwriter’s or director’s remarks and you will save yourself from unpleasant surprises on the day of shooting.

Remember about the light!

Before getting carried away with the overall looks of the place, pay attention to its light conditions. Make sure there are enough light sources and do not forget to take notes where the sun is during the different hours of the day – as knowing this is vital for the film’s cinematography!

Listen carefully!

Don’t forget to pay attention to the sounds around you – the noise of traffic, moving water or cheerful screams of the kids from a school nearby may interrupt with the sound integrity of your shooting.

Take notes!

Documenting all you see on a piece of paper or even recording a video of the location with your comments in it will later help the members of your crew work out the perfect way to use the chosen location to its maximum!

Those are the key things you have to keep in mind while scouting for the location of your dreams. Everything else – organizing the scouting, transporting you to and from the location, providing the assistance of professional location scouts with decades of industry experience and, most importantly, getting the shooting permissions – will be done by Film Fixers Bulgaria!