Bulgaria is rich with amazing outdoor locations however shooting close to Mother Nature might result in some difficulties. Here are a few useful tips on how to make your outdoor shooting a no-regret experience:

 Don’t miss the “golden hours”  

 There are those magic points during the day when the sun is low in the sky – about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Use that time for giving your subject a natural tender soft glow and you will not regret it in the postproduction!

 Wide aperture to the rescue!

 Using a wide aperture and zooming in on your subject will get you a beautiful shallow depth of field and a blurry background – this way you will be able to create amazing atmosphere in your shot without taking the attention of the audience away from your main subject.

 Don’t forget the filters!

 Modern filmmaking gear includes a great variety of filters that can help you avoid such problems of outdoor shooting as reflections and glare. Use a UV filter to eliminate the glare and a polarizing filter to minimize reflections from water.

 Forget about the autofocus!

 Using autofocus while shooting your subject in front of the natural background might result in camera focusing on the trees behind and not on the face of your main character. To avoid this unpleasant surprise simply keep changing focus manually!

 Keep those little tips in mind and produce an amazing outdoor content while Film Fixers Bulgaria will take care of getting you to the most stunning outdoor locations our country can offer.