‘Film Fixers Bulgaria” is happy to announce the launch of our new weekly column “Discovering Bulgaria”. We want to introduce you to the best features of our country – natural, his5c55be_d5001b28eee240faaa27c86cb398e700torical or even culinary treasures that you can find only in the heart of the Balkans!

 Today our spotlight is on the highest mountain not only in Bulgaria but on the whole Balkan Peninsula – the Rila Mountain. A large part of the mountain is occupied by National Park Rila where you can find more than 200 hundred of unique glacial lakes as well as the hottest spring in the Balkan area called Sapareva Banya which temperature gets up to 103 ºС.

 The Rila Mountain is also the home to one of the greatest architectural gems of Bulgaria – old Rila Monastery. The monastery is included in the UNESCO world heritage list and is the most visited touristic site in Bulgaria.

 The steep slopes of the Rila Mountain can serve as an amazing location for your Indiana Jones-like adventure film, the harmonious beauty of the lakes can highlight the romance of your melodrama and, of course, all kinds of The Da Vinci Code-style mysteries can be hidden behind the walls of the ancient monastery